Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THIS is why I make jewelry!

There is something so magical about weddings. It isn't just the dressing up, eating cake, dancing or even being with your family and friends. There is this undefinable magical quality about them. The music starts, everyone turns and GASP Here she comes. My pulse races, my heart pounds, I suddenly have to think about anything else to keep the tears at bay. (yes I cry at weddings......every single one) Every eye is riveted on this almost supernaturally glowing and beautiful bride floating up the aisle. Then comes the moment when the Bride and Groom are finally standing with eyes locked on one another. As far as I'm concerned- the whole rest of the wedding is an afterglow of this one quiet, brilliant moment. He's looking at her, she's looking at him and they don't see anyone else. We as family and friends get just this little look at absolute, pure love. I have only seen this look one other place and time, and that is when a brand new parent looks upon their brand new baby. There is nothing more precious or amazing a gift than Love. I am honored to be even a small part of such a miracle.